North Las Vegas Real Estate

Two words best describe North Las Vegas: diverse and family-centric.

As the fourth biggest community in Nevada, it is home to people of varying economic classes, ethnicities and interests. There is a healthy mix of white and blue-collared workers, as many make the move to the city for its employment opportunities and a healthy economy.

Nearly half the population are married with children–a number greater than that of the county. Parents can easily find excellent schools for their kids, as the city’s primary and secondary schools are served by the Clark County School District, the fifth-biggest in the country.

Living in North Las Vegas

Situated to the north and east of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas has a desert climate with mild temperatures in winter and hot weather in summer. This makes the region perfect for various outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and climbing.

Employment opportunities abound in the city. Manufacturing and warehouse distribution are two of the biggest contributors to the city’s economy. Recently, there has been an increase in technological businesses, particularly those specializing in green technologies. Among the biggest sources of business and employment are nearby Nellis Air Force Base and the North Las Vegas Airport.