Las Vegas Real Estate

Las Vegas is more than just its 15,000 miles of neon lights and its reputation as the best place to experience just what a night out of town is all about. It is not just a tourist destination drawing in over 40 million people annually. Look beyond its world famous strip and a new side of Las Vegas will reveal itself to you.

Desert living has never been this upscale or modern. Over the years, Las Vegas has come on its own by attracting non-gaming industries to diversify. From high-tech firms, respected educational and medical facilities, and even cultural arts, living in Las Vegas means living in a wealth of possibilities.

Living in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas means living life under the sun. Its residents get to enjoy balmy sunny days with beautiful blue skies almost year round. Escapes from the city are just a drive away and they are some of nature’s best offerings. For cooler climes, just head out to Mount Charleston which is less than an hour away. Head out to Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for a challenging trek among its soaring rocky spires. Even Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam is within close proximity. For residents in Las Vegas, you’re only half a day away from other major cities and attractions from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon itself.

Yet, what makes Las Vegas such an exciting place to live in, whether at the strip or its suburban developments, is the people itself. Las Vegas is melting pot of diversity may it be urban cowboys, runway models, party-loving kids, to casino-fun adults. Every day is an exciting blend of individuals which comes as no surprise given how many people go to Las Vegas.

And this is what makes life in Las Vegas truly outstanding. With such a heavy flow of people coming in and out the city, its locals get to enjoy a steady stream of business. It makes for a thriving business climate made all the more robust by the friendly state tax laws for both business and personal income. Las Vegas is just no entertainment hotspot in the desert. It can be the best home under the clear Nevada sky.