Sellers Guide

Tips for selling your house fast

Getting the most value from your home can be a tricky business. One decision on a key home improvement can make the difference between a property that will sell quickly or sit for ages.

Whether you’re new to selling or you’ve had past experience, keep your selling game strong with these handy tips.

Tip #1: Prep ahead.

Preparations should start months before the property is even listed on the market. Turn up the value by finding what needs to be repaired, replaced, repainted, and cleaned. Improvements to your home’s appearance are generally a good investment, while repairs that keep home systems and appliances working properly are a must if you want to get top dollar.

Tip #3: Don’t go overboard.

While you’ll want your property looking good, you’ll also want to make sure that it still reflects community preferences. As a general rule, the house should still fit in with the neighborhood in terms of style, features, and price range.

Tip #4: Time it right.

Find out the best time to sell in your location. Seasons can affect buyer behaviors so you’ll need to take a deeper look at real estate trends in your area. If you’re working with a knowledgeable real estate professional, so much the better.

Tip #5: Find a Realtor®.

A good Realtor® can make the process of selling your home less complicated and more satisfying. Realtors® look out for your best interests and are bound by a strict code of ethics.

Look for a Realtor® who specializes in your community. Local Realtors® will have a better understanding of your area. These are the people right in your community who are experts at tracking real estate trends, actively participate in local matters, and know local concerns.

Tip #6: Set the right price.

This is easier said than done, but it’s vital that you set the correct price right from the start. The first 60 days that your home is on the market is when it gets the most attention. A home that isn’t priced right tends to put buyers off and it will, more often than not, go stale.

The key here is to be realistic. Try to leave your emotions out of it and to think of your home as just another investment. Your Realtor® will provide you with comps of other homes that have sold and are for sale in your area.

Several other factors determine the value of your home, from market conditions to the condition of the property itself. Try to be patient and objective as assessed value, taxable value and the actual market value of your house can sometimes have little effect on a buyer’s decision. Ultimately, your house is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it.

Tip #7: Maximize market exposure.

Your home should be marketed in as many ways possible. Don’t just list your home on the MLS, have attractive, professional-grade photos of your home taken, make sure your listing has all the right details, and don’t forget to make use of your own networks to help spread the word.

Work with your Realtor® to create a marketing plan that will help your home sell faster. Don’t be afraid to get involved as the more you know about the process, the more you’ll be able to help – but don’t forget to be open to an expert’s opinion either.


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